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History Of Israel Part 2

A continuation to where we left of in part one which showed the decline of the Ottoman empire and loss of control over Palestine to the British whom were convinced as I have shown in part 1 that building a Jewish state in Palestine is a necessity for the future, and the secret memo written by the first Jewish Zionist minister in Britain Herbert Samuel saying" it is too early to have an independent Jewish state, we have to encourage the immigration of 3 to 4 million European Jews and plant them between the Mohammadians"
1916 witnessed the famous Sayks-Pikot between Britain and France the colonial powers at the time, agreeing on keeping Palestine under allies control in preparation for the new Jewish state. Mark Sykes the British foreign minister at the time had very close ties with Chaim Weizmann the British Zionist chemist whom was in Palestine at the time buying lands of the Palestinian Arabs with Baron Rothschild money, and dictated to him what the Zionist organization needs in the agreement.

1917 witnessed a new British government headed by sir Lloyd George whom was fully aware of the agreements and went to issue a letter promising the land of Palestine to the new Jewish state. Arthur Balfour the new foreign minister wrote and signed it and handed it over to Baron Rothschild a senior member of the Zionist organization. On the 9th of December 1917 General Edmund Allenby (another high British official with close ties to Weizmann) occupied Jerusalem and accompanied him a small Jewish contingent trained by the British army and that was a recommendation of Sir Winston Churchill the colonies minister at the time, and among this contingent was David Ben-Gurion

                Image 1917 showing personnel wearing the British uniform carrying a flag of the Star of David.

                               David Ben-Gurion in British uniform, latter to become the first Prime Minister of Israel.

 Image shows General Allenby sitting beside Weizmann in a British Army parade (no Palestinian political figures shown although the number of Jews was 5 thousand compared to 500 thousand Palestinians at the time)

1918 witnessed the end of WWI and during the preparations for the peace conference, President Woodrow Wilson of the USA assembled a committee of Henry King and Charles Crane to investigate the situation in the middle –east and they came up with a report called the King-Crane commission report on Palestine, and here are parts of it:
-"Zionists looked forward to a practically complete dispossession of the present non-Jewish inhabitants of Palestine, by various forms of purchase. Nearly 90% of the Palestinian population was emphatically against the entire Zionist program. The wishes of the local population must be taken into account and that there is widespread anti-Zionist feeling in Palestine and Syria, and the holy nature of the land to Christians and Moslems as well as Jews must preclude solely Jewish dominion.
-It also noted that Jews comprised only 10% of the population of Palestine.
-"Syrians were against the formation of a Jewish state.
-"Nor can the erection of such a Jewish State be accomplished without the gravest trespass upon the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine".
-"Not only you as president but the American people as a whole should realize that if the American government decided to support the establishment of a Jewish state in Palestine, they are committing the American people to the use of force in that area, since only by force can a Jewish state in Palestine be established or maintained." 

The report was totally ignored by the Americans as they sat down with the rest of the world in Paris and listened to the Zionist demand which is summarized by the piece of land shown on this map.

 King Faisal Bin-Al Hussein of Hejaz after meeting the British PM, General Allenby and Weizmann agreed on one condition that all the Arabic countries under the Saykes-Picot agreement take their independence, and the real engineer behind this agreement was Edward T. Lawrence also known as Lawrence of Arabia .

1919 witnessed the first Zionist intelligence service that used the second generation Jews whom speaks Arabic to spy on the Palestinian's public opinion, unfriendly planed acts against the settlements and if there are more lands for sale.
In1920 the British commissioner over Palestine was appointed and it was none other than Herbert Samuel, he went on to implement the secret memo he wrote to the government 5 years ago and the first thing he did was to make Arabic, Hebrew and English as the official languages and made sure it all included Eretz Yisrael", א״י Aleph-Yod land of Israel between brackets as shown in the image below

He also allowed the Zionists to have their own education system and their own army also.
1921 With the Palestinians realizing what is happening they started to move politically even though their numbers are few due to poor education, they managed to reach London to complain but they had a big problem which was that you cannot keep Britain as a friend and the Zionists as the enemy, simply because both of them are on the same side, so all their efforts went in vain.
1925 In this year Britain sent the first report to the league of nations regarding the achievements, and in it was 5 important points:
1 – The immigration of the Jews from Europe reached 33,801 all were given the Palestinian nationality.
2 – the establishment of 13 settlements
3 – Tel-Aviv was given autonomy
4 – Established the workers union and headed by a Jew named David Ben-Gurion
5 – The official opening of the Hebrew university by Governor Herbert Samuel, General Allenby, and Weizmann
1930 with more immigrants incoming, the Palestinians demonstrated for several days and the leaders of the demonstrations were 3 Arab Palestinians caught and executed in June 1930 even with pleas from Arab countries. The number of immigrants reached 175,000 that year.
1931  In a dinner organized by the Zionist organization headed by Weizmann to honor Lloyd George PM said jokingly " it has been 16 years since Weizmann has recruited me in the Zionist organization" in my opinion even if it was a joke but being a PM it speaks volumes  about justice in ruling between Arabs and Zionists in Palestine.
    Graph that shows the increasing number of immigrants which reached 62,000 in 1935 
1935 The first revolt by the Palestinians came on the hands of Izeldyeen Al-Quassam a well known religious figure whom was ambushed by British forces and the airforce killed him in 1936 which sent anger waves throughout the land
1936 saw a general strike throughout the land by the Arabs, which shock the British whom immediately started group punishments by apprehension and whoever is suspected to assist the revolution was executed and his house razed. 200 houses were destroyed in Jaffa only and to the British this was justified
During all this period thousands of Palestinian Arabs were moved out of the newly bought lands, so Ben-Gurion suggested to the new British high commissioner Arthur Wauchope if it possible to deport these people to east Jordan, the commissioner replied what an excellent idea.
We will continue the timeline in part 3


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