Tuesday, April 11, 2017

By Nael Noaman

The origin of civilizations is a very hard code to break especially when the civilization states that all the knowledge they have come from the gods. This is as true for the Sumerians as is for the Egyptians, and all what we read is that those civilizations just popped from nothing or suddenly arose or unexpectedly developed a civilization, and all of these assumptions are not scientific.
For this reason, historians as well as archeologists and scholars worked very hard to find the answers and break the code which could when found links the ancient world together thus revealing the events that led to such civilization and the knowledge we can gain from it.
First there is the theory of aliens, yes aliens you might laugh but the late Dr. Sitchin provided evidence that cannot be explained otherwise, he wrote several books on the subject including the famous "The 12th planet" (Nabiru) that was translated into 24 different languages, and conducted several presentations during his life.
His theory comes from the understanding of the Sumerian text which resembles the stories in the Bible like the 7 tablets of creation (Enuma Elish) and for the folks that wants a complete translation of it ,please visit The Babylonian Epic of Creation.; and the epic of Gilgamesh, the great king of the Sumerian city state of Uruk, who described in detail the reason, impact and the consequence of the great flood, it also talks about the Annunaki a breed of aliens the Sumerians called gods and when translated means "from heaven the come". To the Sumerians they were genetically engineered by them and then taught them how to plough, irrigate, calculate, everything they knew was handed to them by the gods.
We will consider one tablet. A cuneiform clay tablet that was recovered in the late 19th century from the underground library of King Ashurbanipal in Nineveh, Iraq by Sir. Henry Layard has puzzled scientists for over a hundred years.

And this is the British museum translation
I have to disagree with the translation in the circle because Enlil is one of the Sumerian gods that grants kingship, so this a 2-dimension map that is explaining a 3D event and that is why you see the 4 axes', it is a map of space and the movement of the god Enlil in space, in other words it is a space map of people that lived 6000 years ago.

The second theory comes from Graham Hancock the author of the famous book "finger prints of the gods" which refers to the ancient civilization of Atlantis and presented a lot of evidence to its existence and the supreme knowledge they had, he referred to 2 major points,
  1. Plato's "Timaeus-Critias."  Dialogue which is the only ancient mention of the island of Atlantis, written in 360 B.C, he describes the island that it was larger than Ancient Libya and Asia Minor combined, but it was later sunk by an earthquake and became an impassable mud shoal, inhibiting travel to any part of the ocean. The Egyptians, Plato asserted, described Atlantis as an island consisting mostly of mountains in the northern portions and along the shore and encompassing a great plain in an oblong shape in the south "extending in one direction three thousand stadia [about 555 km; 345 mi], but across the center inland it was two thousand stadia [about 370 km; 230 mi]." Fifty stadia [9 km; 6 mi] from the coast was a mountain that was low on all sides ... broke it off all round about ... the central island itself was five stades in diameter [about 0.92 km; 0.57 mi]. Ruled by Poseidon and had vast knowledge and technology
  2. It was at the end of the last ice age that a great comet landed in the Atlantic Ocean creating title waves and heat allowing all that ice on North America and Europe to melt thus the story of the great flood, which in turn drawn Atlantis, and that happened at 10,500 BC which matches the date written by Plato after knowing it from the Egyptian priest. And he presented this map before and after the deluge

The third theory comes from Stan Deyo whom is a believer of Atlantis and gave evidence of its existence through the use of satellite imaging that it was located on the Eastern side of Saudi Arabia

And the satellite image shows the rings of Atlantis marked in a red circle
Let's not forget Plato's description which draws an image of Atlantis having rings with water channels like this animation
The fourth theory is the most interesting, and it was delivered by Dr. David Rohl the author of the famous book " Legend: The Genesis of Civilization" and the presenter of the famous documentary " Egyptian Genesis", he explains the pre-dynastic Egyptian era and that it came from Sumer, he goes on to explain that the Sumerians managed to carry their ships through the desert from the Red Sea to the Nile and they conquered the land of Egypt. He shows pictorials on the stones at the middle of the desert in the year 3500 BC

The strange thing is not only that these are in the middle of the desert only but these ships design is of a Mesopotamian high prow type.
The temple of Edfu south of Cairo, have further evidence on its walls showing depictions of the Shebtiu "the gods that came from far"
Inside the temple, you see the gods seated behind each other with the falcon that represents Horus, but the most interesting is the third one that could be Thoth the god of writing and the scribe of the underworld. The temple had the name of the "sailor" or navigator god which might explain the Mesopotamian connection and the crossing of seas
The overall wall looks like this
Dr. Rhol's theory explains how the followers of Horus came about and how they are related to the Sumerians.
Now if we accept this theory then it explains how the Egyptians suddenly came to the scene of history with such vast knowledge, wisdom and set of beliefs especially of the afterlife which has Mesopotamian origins.
For the Sumerians origins, well this is my theory which is a combination of the first four, it accepts the Atlantis theory as explained by Hancock and the location of that great civilization as explained by Deyo simply because of the geographic location in the Western side of the Gulf which is not far off the location of Sumer in South Iraq in fact it is exactly 365 miles apart, and to put it simply they followed the rivers on the map of after the flood and that is why they headed North. My theory explains the knowledge the Sumerians had, especially of the flood and other technological sciences, through the survivors of the flood whom managed to reach Mesopotamia and used the old knowledge of Atlantis.
Remaining is where the Atlanteans got their knowledge from? and that could only be explained by the Sitchin theory which explains the narratives found in Sumer explaining that all knowledge came from the gods that descended from heaven

I gathered several different theories that might be applaudable and as you have seen that the early civilizations were all tightly linked together. It is a good lead to the reader, to start with these theories to explore and build your own idea.  

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